Occupational health and safety policy

Our Occupational health and safety policy

PLT networks GmbH develops and sells control technology solutions and systems and the necessary network technology and OT cyber security for customers in Germany and abroad, for all branches of industry. PLT is a shareholder-managed company.

Tradition in terms of values, progress in terms of technology, products and services. Traditional values such as reliability, fairness and responsibility are an integral part of the company guidelines. In order to maintain and strengthen this commitment, the reputation and success of PLT, the management also defines the company policy with regard to “Safety and Health at Work”.

The policy for “Safety and health at work” is part of the company philosophy, because only in an environment in which fairness, respect, high quality standards for products and services, clean and tidy workplaces and motivated and collegial employees work together can the focus be placed on safe and healthy workplaces. Our employees are continuously involved in occupational health and safety processes in order to achieve continuous improvement.

The top management is committed to preventing accidents at work and maintaining the health of employees in the workplace.

In order to achieve these goals, we are constantly examining the working conditions for all employees with a view to making improvements. This applies to the physical and mental demands placed on employees in the workplace and in their working environment. We ensure that our employees receive the necessary training and that their skills meet the job requirements.

Our managers are obliged to go beyond the existing legal requirements to ensure that our employees remain healthy and take part in regular preventive measures. Maintaining health is a valuable asset and is promoted by the company through the use of ergonomic operating equipment, occupational safety specialists and company medical care.