We currently support our customers within this range of services for the following systems.


HMI level (control level)


Controller level (process level)


Remote I/O


Communication protocols




Custom cabinet construction and planning


Hardware solutions


Software solutions


Devices and hardware to the following DCS operating systems:


Virtualization of the following DCS operating systems


PLT Software & Automation Modules

energyuse-PLS libraries for ABB PLS 800xA to the automation products

- AC800P Melody Power
- Advant
- AC800M M controller

PLTN Composer Libraries SIMPUT for ABB PLS Symphony S+:

- HART Master for plant specific manufacturer DTMs
- Various process ANMON analog monitors with multiple displays, limit value extensions, long-term gradients, integrated alarm delays
- Enhanced APID controller with operable or controllable flat ramp and P- and D-jump suppression in computer operating mode
- Binary delay DELAY with target time output
- Individual control modules IDF with analog reference value, self-acknowledgement, pulse tapping function, with and without input invalidation processing of the feedbacks
- Query of CPU system information INFO_PLTN with real parameterizable summertime/wintertime time changeovers, CPU information and query of time changes per Y/M/W/D/H
- Monitoring of real signals for validity with BAD signal feedforward IVDEC-R0_RANGE Can be used with analog input signals without range monitoring and external invalidation signal
- Combination lock with and without time limit LOCK
- Mono Flop triggerable with target time MFLOP-00TR
- Modbus TCP I/O function blocks DIN/DOUT-MTCP layout with adapted layout to the respective coupling partner
- Measuring range adjustment with factor MR convenient conversion of the normalized standard signal 0...1 into a real value range depending on the measuring range of the Composer standard signal at input X or vice versa.
- PPOS positioner without I/O linkage for precise control of actuators
- Value measurement of the SPEED rate of rise and fall for converting levels into outflowing or inflowing quantities.