We sell solutions. A concept tailored to the customer is always in the foreground; whether manufacturer-related or cross-manufacturer and -independent.


PLT networks GmbH is the pioneer company in the use of virtualized solutions for process control systems, which offer you modularity and flexibility, independence from the operating system, easy handling, efficient use of resources and the space-saving concept without performance restrictions. PLT has completed 50+ virtualization projects with 99.999998% availability! Statistically, this corresponds to only 0.6 seconds of downtime per year. Virtualization eliminates the ever-shorter lifecycle of hardware and software products and, in most cases, can be implemented without interrupting production.


Our on-call service is available for you: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Whether system services, engineering changes, hardware replacement, repair, or black start support, remotely and on-site – Always available in emergencies at extension 24!
We also ensure the best possible availability of your system through regular system checks and update routines. In this way, you not only comply with all cyber security guidelines (also for KRITIS infrastructures), but also ensure the best possible condition of your system as part of predictive maintenance.


We deliver Solutions!

We offer reliable and customized solutions for every customer. In doing so, we always focus on the result, detached from products. Customer-oriented work within the framework of standards and beyond is our philosophy, through which we have been successfully cooperating with industrial plants worldwide since 2002. A LifeCycle Roadmap covering the next 10 years is always included in the planning.

PLT OT Security Suite

Cyberattacks affect nearly 9 out of 10 companies. In the process, cyberattacks caused damage to 86% of companies.

With the PLT OT Security Suite, we work with your company’s security managers to close security gaps and ensure smooth, trouble-free and secure environments.


PLT networks GmbH specializes in engineering/automation services and IT/OT infrastructure maintenance, migration, commissioning and 24/7 service in power plants, the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, and oil and gas systems. Services include HMI services, IT cyber security, lifecycle management including enhancements, basic/detailed engineering, and control and loop optimization. This applies to all plant sizes – from micro-controllers to industrial parks.