Custom Developments

We will find a way

Our experienced software developers are capable of designing solutions with are easy to use and solve your problem. Here are some examples:


PLT Auto Logout Tool

Simple and comfortable

The PLT Auto Logout program is used to automatically logout all users of an operating system at a specific time. In the program configuration a time can be set so that the system forces all users to log off. In connection with our Plant Backup System for example Composer-Server and Composer-Clients can be setup to ensure successful backup routines.

Auto Logout can be setup so that the users receive a warning message to save open documents (only set the timer to active) or have the option to logoff with out the warning message.

The program runs in the background and can be opened by selecting the icon on the task bar next to the desktop clock. Before the system logs the users off a warning window appears with a count down. This countdown time can be set in the program configuration and varies from 5-30 minutes. The program cannot be configured by multiple users at the same time, each subsequent user after the first will receive a warning window.

The Auto Logout program was designed for Windows 2000 Server, Windows 2000 Professional, Windows 2003 Server, Windows XP Professional, Windows Server 2008 and Windows 7 Professional.


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PLT Auto Logout
Software-tool with time-based login for windows user.

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PLT OPC Importer

for multiple tasks

The PLT OPC Importer is an interface to interact between Systems with and without OPC support. The basic structure of the PLT OPC Importer can be customized. So for example, we already connected an OPC-assisted control system with the Wyseboard cloud platform.

Wyseboard is an application that allows you to collect and visualize technical data from any type of machine or equipment in a unique cloud  based platform.


Technical data may be:

 Energy consumption

Air quality

Water consumption

Motion detection

Alarm messages

Counters and sensors

Absolute security
A point-to-point communication with the Cloud Platform only happens on demand. Wyseboard uses only data that has been sent by devices and data points to the platform. This way, a direct interference in complex security systems is avoided.

Security settings:

OPC Tunneling


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PLT OPC Importer
Independent visualization software by Wyseboard Cloud.

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MUX Mirror

Mirroring of important data

The MUX-Mirror Software prevents the loss of data caused by hard disk errors. If the disk is mirrored and should one disk crash, than the data on the mirrored disk is still accessible to applications. Furthermore backups can be initiated online, without interrupting user and application sessions.

Functions and Benefits:

Reliability through mirrored disks

Online-backup with data consistency

Transparency in application

Dynamic configuration

Selective data mirroring

Fast data synchronisation

Menu based management tools

This Software was developed to ensure full time access to data. MUX MirrorDisk supplements the HP-UX operating system. MUX-Mirror can mirror any partition of a disk, including root and swap partitions.

Mirroring of “raw-disk-access” and “file-system-access” is also supported.

The HP-UX–kernel of MUX–Mirror makes it transparent for applications. These can be used without any modification. MUX–Mirror enables clients/you to remove one disk from a mirrored pair while the other still fulfils the requirements of service applications. Disks will synchronise after the completion of a backup procedure.


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MUX Mirror
Software to prevent data loss based on hard drive errors.

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