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Composer function block ANMON-E
Extended analog monitor with 8 limit values.


function block MFLOP -01 and MFLOP -02
Monoflop with integrated target time. (count down)


Composer function block DELAY -1
Timer with integrated target time. (count down)


Click for DELAY handling video:


Composer function block HART-DTM
Complete Composer library-elements of approved manufacturers DTM´s.


Composer function block SIMPUT
Software-simulation for the project database of ABB Composer engineering tool.


Master project Composer
For process engineering with typicals, simulation, HART-DTM´s, improved funktion blocks, user defined


Engineering concept DCS method solutions
Development of a ratio controller with droplet-dosage. Development of a Melody step by step controller for process technology.
Project conversion of the signal convention in the function planning from system defined to user defined.


Engineering concept KonZ
Tool to support test procedures for periodic tests of Z-circuits.


Engineering concept OPSC Operator System Control
Visualization of system status (Melody Controller and Bus Monitoring).


ArcFile Converter
Tool for recording, evaluation and optimization of Maestro-Objects.


Plant Protocol Manager PPM
Automatic report generation e.g.: generation of batch-report of pseudo-recipes or for cyclic recording of process data