System Condition Monitoring


Due to a rising degree of virtualization of process control systems, monitoring the hardware of the virtualization becomes more and more difficult. Our goal is to collect information about the system state of the virtualization hardware and display it centrally.

System relevant components:

This is where our System Condition Monitoring is brought into the equation. The SCM is a central condition monitoring for industrial IT systems, which can not only control hardware, but also virtualize interfaces. This central solution is able to monitor the pooled information of many applications at the same time, thus ensuring that information display is not scattered widely. SCM uses specially adapted displays for each device and also provides all the possibilities with advantanges of a modern process control system.


System monitoring with SCM:


Advantages of SCM:

 Self-sufficient monitoring by the PLT SCM Hardware

 Individual system adaptation and presentation with typical customization

 Rapid data distribution and connectivity through OPC

Additionally the PLT SCM concept offers all possibilities of modern process control system




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SCM (System Condition Monitoring)
System monitoring for hardware and virtual interfaces.

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